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Tanzanite — December's Icy Gemstone

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

It's finally here... the last month of 2020. Christmas seems to have started this year with every tv ad promoting the festivities from the start of November and a lot of us hanging our decorations a little earlier, trying to bring a dash of christmas spirit to the current national restrictions. Uncertainty is hanging in the air around what will become of Christmas 2020, how and more importantly, when will your christmas shopping be done? We found a lot of you were using the couple of days before we had to close to make a start – very sensible, if you ask us! Still hoping to re-open on 3rd of December, if you did not manage to start your shopping earlier this year, do not panic! We have worked hard in the weeks before the current lockdown was put into place to ensure we still have Christmas stock in the shop for you to find something perfect. So don't worry, our doors are currently closed but there is still time and plenty of stunning pieces to look at when we get the go ahead, which we're sure would look the part dazzling under the fairy lights this December.

As always, we're here to help with gift ideas whether it's a Christmas present or something stunning for a birthday. December's birthstone is the rare stone, Tanzanite. Tanzanite boasts hues of light blue and purple, making it lighter in colour than a traditional sapphire. The gorgeous violet blue colours bring icy tones to the stone, making it perfect for a winter birthday.

Tanzanite is the most rare gem stone on earth. The rarity comes as the gem is mined from one single place in Tanzania, making it a difficult stone to come by. Varying factors effect the value of the stone itself and lead to instability in its value — such as geographical issues, flooding of the mine etc. which contributes to its value increasing. However, this rarity poses an issue. Scientists have said that within the next 20 years, tanzanite supplies could be completely diminished.

Tanzanite is the second most popular blue coloured stone after sapphire. Sapphires are generally darker than tanzanite, however sometimes a lighter or Ceylon coloured sapphire and a tanzanite can be difficult to tell apart! Sapphires are a harder gemstone than a tanzanite. Sapphires measure at 9 on the Mohs scale whereas sapphires compare at around 6-6.5. It is recommended that tanzanites are worn as dress rings as prolonged wear could cause the soft stone to become chipped or damaged. so why not keep your gorgeous new tanzanite to dazzle at special occasions?

Above is one of our second hand tanzanite pendants. The gem itself is pear shaped and held into place with 4 claws. The colour of the stone is truly gorgeous. A deep violet shade contrasting with the yellow gold it is set in. This piece would be well suited for a loved one that likes simpler pieces. As a single stone, there is nothing to take away from the tanzanite itself and could be worn dressed up in the evening or dressed down as a more casual piece. The split bale adds a little bit of detail to the top of the stone and is suspended on an 18" yellow gold curb chain, but also has an adjuster so can be worn at 16" depending on the neckline. Second hand pieces are one of a kind, making the sentiment behind them all the more important. This pendant can be viewed on our website via this link:

One of our more stand-out second hand tanzanite and diamond clusters. This piece would be a real christmas show stopper for a tanzanite lover. With a round centre stone and surrounded with 8 brilliant cut diamonds, we think it would be very difficult to find someone that didn't see the appeal of this piece. The centre tanzanite is claw set and the surrounding diamonds are set with claws/bars between each, giving it

flower style design as you tend to see also in traditional diamond clusters. The frosty colour of the tanzanite is brought out by the setting, 18ct white gold with a yellow gold shank. The total diamond weight in this ring is believed to be 0.65ct, J/K colour and SI1/I1 clarity, so the not only does this ring boast a beautiful rare gemstone, the diamond quality and weight is also something to be admired. This ring has been hallmarked in London. Most of our rings can always be sized, including this one, so if you are thinking of purchasing a special piece of jewellery like above, there is no need to worry whether it will be a perfect fit, we can change that if needs be! The ring featured above can be viewed here:

This ring is equally as stunning as the previous, but is set in a simple and more modern style. A three stone tanzanite and diamond ring, set in 18ct white gold – this piece has one large, oval tanzanite to the centre and two round brilliant cut diamonds to either side. This setting is referred to as collet set or sometimes rub over set. This is because the ring has no claws, the stones are held into place by a smooth collar-like setting which makes the ring safer to wear as there is nothing to catch and lift the claws then resulting in the loss of a stone. Whilst it is not recommended that tanzanite pieces are worn everyday, this setting can ensure the stones are more securely set. The diamonds are larger in this piece, with the diamond weight estimated to be 1.03ct, we can then use this to compare with how large the tanzanite is! At G colour and SI1/I, the diamond colour is white and can guarantee added sparkle in this gorgeous, modern looking piece. This ring would certainly dazzle under the christmas tree lights! This ring can be viewed with more info via this link:

As with the other months of the year, December has two other gems considered to be the birthstone — Turquoise and zircon. Turqouise is a mineral only found in a few places on earth and is found in some of the worlds most ancient jewellery, it was found in ancient Eygpt. Zircon is a colourless stone known for the multitude of colours it can take on. It is often unfairly confused with cubic zirconia and is the oldest mineral on earth. So if you were born in December, you have a few different stones to choose from! Whether you favour the indigo tones of a tanzanite or the cabochon style stones of turquoise, you're sure to find a gorgeous piece of jewellery to represent your birth month.

As always, if there is a piece you have in mind that you can't see on our website or above, please get in touch. We have a wide range of suppliers in both second hand jewellery and new that can help us source something perfect for your needs. Christmas presents or birthday presents, nothing is too much of a hassle so if you have something in mind this December, we will do our best to find you that perfect piece of jewellery, whatever it may be!

So far, we are working towards re-opening on the 3rd of December if nothing changes. We will return to our normal hours of Monday to Saturday 9am - 5pm on the run up to Christmas and would love to see you all! We suggest keeping an eye on our Facebook page for updates on this as we have them but we hope to see you all soon.

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