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Stunning Stones for your Summer

With summer beginning to make an appearance and the weather getting brighter, maybe you’re thinking of ways to introduce a bit of colour into your day. We’ve put together a collection of our favourite coloured stones guaranteed to add a bit of sparkle, regardless of the Great British Weather. Some of our favourites including the green hues of a peridot, the deep and vibrant purple in an amethyst and the sky blue tones in a blue topaz. Whether set in yellow gold or white gold, they’re sure to give you the mood boost you’re looking for this season.

Peridot is a predominantly green stone with yellow hues shining through. The stone can range from an olive coloured green to a lighter, more golden colour. Peridot is the birthstone for August, making it a perfect addition for the summer months. Setting a peridot in yellow gold brings out the yellow tones in the green gem, making it a vibrant stone in any piece of jewellery.

One of our most popular gem stones is amethyst. This gem can range from a deep violet colour to a lighter purple. Amethyst is a semi-precious stone, making it more affordable but still equally as stunning. Although amethyst is February's birthstone, we think it's vibrant tones would add a little bit of colour to your summer! Spiritually, as well as being a gorgeous colour, amethyst is said to bring healing and comforting properties to the wearer. Amethysts can be set in both silver and gold as well as silver, making it an option for all prince points and ensuring there is something for everyone!

Our yellow diamonds are certain to bring a bit of sunshine into your life. One of our more unique stones, yellow diamonds are rare and can vary in colour from a light, yellow lemon colour to a deep canary yellow tone. Canary yellow diamonds are the most sought after, being vivid yellow in colour. Yellow diamonds are formed when nitrogen is present in the diamond which can change the intensity of gem — the more nitrogen, the deeper the yellow shade. Setting a yellow diamond in yellow gold brings out the yellow colour in the stone, just as setting white diamonds in white gold ensure that the diamond looks as white as possible. A simply stunning gem, perfect if you like something more unique. Our yellow diamonds can be found here:

A pair of adorable studs would work wonders when it comes to adding finishing touches to any outfit this summer, or if you simply need something to cheer you up. These dainty bees will bring a smile to your face, in 9ct yellow on rod and butterfly fittings with a plain carved bee design — we even have a matching pendant available. These sweet little creatures can be found here:

A bright alternative to your usual red garnet. rhodolite garnet is a pink/purple coloured stone. This lesser known gem stone casts a raspberry coloured hue unlike any other gemstone. Rhodolite garnets are, much like amethysts, a more affordable stone than rubies — which could be the reason why we are finding rhodolite is being used in fine jewellery. They are also said to give a warm, red wine colour making the gem stone popular with fans of semi precious coloured stones. Rhodolite garnets are perfect if you prefer a lesser known, unique piece, guaranteed to be a talking point. Our rhodolite garnets are set in white gold with an addition of diamonds to the piece, making an affordable gemstone into a gorgeous piece of fine jewellery. They can be found here:

Nothing says summer like the sky blue hues of a blue topaz. This semi precious gem can range from light blue to dark blue, including the famous Swiss Blue and London Blue. The more vibrant the blue, it is said that the topaz increases in value. Spiritually, it is said that the blue topaz brings calm to the wearer. Blue topaz can be set in both white or yellow gold as well as silver, making it an accessible stone, and a popular one at that! Our blue topaz jewellery can be found here:

We have jewellery in all colours and styles, second hand and new. If you're looking for a treat this summer, a gift or just something a little bit special, pop in and see us. If you have a stone in mind that you don't see above or on our website, let us know and we would be more than happy to try and source something for you. Our second hand jewellery is one of a kind, with a range of different coloured stones and even some enamel — we have some truly unique pieces and once they're gone, they're gone! Don't forgot to keep an eye on our window and on our website for updates.

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