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Second hand Jewellery vs. New Jewellery

Buying a perfect piece of jewellery is a big commitment, whether it is for yourself or as a gift. Have you ever stopped to consider the difference between a new piece or a second hand piece of jewellery? Maybe you’ve never considered buying second hand? Both new, fine jewellery and second hand, pre-loved jewellery have their own advantages and disadvantages. This blog is designed to help you work out which is best for you, to help you towards purchasing your ideal piece.

New, fine jewellery is something you will tend to find in most jewellery multiple stores. The first pro with a new piece of jewellery — you are likely to know exactly what you are getting with regards to information on the stones, colour, diamond content as well as the metal the stones are set in. The pieces are made by various different manufacturers from scratch, this makes knowing the exact details of each piece possible. This also makes designing your very own piece of jewellery an option and is a service that most jewellers will offer their customers — allowing you to choose all attributes of the piece and can be manufactured to suit your exact needs.

New Diamond 'Boodles' Style ring

Another pro with new jewellery is that you are the first owner of the ring. The ring will be brand new, down to the setting and stones. New jewellery can also therefore be replicated. If you lost your beloved piece of jewellery, it is likely that the jeweller you purchased this from can replace or even provide the exact ring that you lost, easy!

Unfortunately, there could be considered to be some cons to a new piece of jewellery. Jewellery manufacturers do tend to produce pieces of jewellery that many other multiple stores will stock and because of this, your piece of jewellery may not be unique to you. If you want something truly unique, new jewellery may not be the choice for you.

In contrast to new jewellery, second hand or ‘pre-loved’ jewellery is another option when purchasing. A lot of jewellery shops will have a section of second hand pieces within their shop that will either have been purchased ‘over the counter’ as a piece that a previous customer would no longer wear, and therefore has sold to the jeweller for re-sale or the jeweller may have sourced the second hand piece from a specialist supplier. The pieces will have then been cleaned and restored making the item look as good as new but still carrying all of the history and stories behind it.

Second hand Ruby & Diamond Ring

With second hand jewellery, you tend to get better value for money — simply because the piece is pre-loved. With second hand jewellery, you tend to get better quality jewellery for marginally less than a new piece. Cost aside, second hand jewellery is also more unique. You often will not find two pieces the same! If you are looking for something a little bit different, second hand is the best place to start. Another reason you may opt for a second hand piece of jewellery over a new piece, it could be said that new pieces are being produced all of the time, in mass — whereas second hand jewellery is recycled and handed down from one person to the next, breaking the cycle of mass production.

Second hand Emerald and Diamond Ring

In contrast to new jewellery, a disadvantage of buying second hand jewellery, it cannot be replaced. Second hand and vintage pieces of jewellery are one of a kind, and not only can they not be re-ordered, some cannot be recreated as easily such as pieces with old cut stones or using older/handmade methods that cannot currently be replicated.

Another con is that unlike new jewellery, some second hand pieces have no information attached to them. The jeweller selling the item can deduce attributes such as stone, colour, clarity, carat and cut but often information is only an approximate guide. If you are thinking of buying a second hand piece, it is best to ask your jeweller for confirmation on the information provided — it may even have a backstory, but it also may not!

Second hand Three Stone Diamond Ring

Jewellery overall is a personal preference. Whether you’d prefer a ring you’ve designed yourself exactly how you’d like it or whether you'd love a piece of vintage, one off jewellery, both have their advantages and disadvantages. Not only in the price but in value for money and in the quality of the jewellery itself. When purchasing a piece of jewellery, new or second hand — weighing up the advantages of each is necessary, but if you see something you love, that is the most important thing.

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