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Radley Contemporary Ladies Watches

We are very excited to be stockists of Radley Ladies Watches. A completely new brand for us — we have spent the last few days getting our range ready to be displayed for our customers, as well as becoming familiar ourselves with the gorgeous new designs, styles and even smartwatches that our new Radley range has to offer. We have chosen a variety of watches, from stone set dials, leather straps and metal bracelets to smartwatches and fitness trackers. Radley is a brand with contemporary designs, colours and styles at an affordable price point, versatile — suitable for everyday wear or for something a little more special.

One of our favourite of our new range is this simple, everyday watch. With a tank shaped dial, this watch is a classic. Gold plated bezel, batons and small Radley dog detailing to the plain, black strap. The dial itself has a hatched, metallic design, making it a little different from your plain, white face but still allowing an easy read. This watch is dainty and could be worn with many different styles, a real classic ladies watch. This watch is currently on display for £79.95.

Another of our stand out favourites is this modern, rose gold coloured piece. With a plain, clear, white dial, embossed with two of the famous Radley dogs in a rose gold colour with rose gold batons and dots. The round face is slightly larger, giving the watch a modern feel and is set on a stainless steel rose gold plated bracelet. This watch feels contemporary, and could be worn as an

everyday watch or to somewhere a little bit

more fancy! The bracelet can also be adjusted to size to ensure a comfortable and wearable fit. This watch is currently on display at £79.95

If you’ve ever thought about purchasing a smartwatch but didn't like the look of them or would maybe prefer something a little more ‘watch-like’, our Radley smart watches could be for you.

Available with rubber straps, plain and patterned, as well as with metal straps for a watch you could wear for an evening out. Our patterned rubber straps are smooth and comfortable to wear, with a round dial giving the same look and feel as a traditional round dial analog watch. Our rubber strapped watches ensure comfort whilst also still looking fashionable, like this pink floral strap smart watch we have on display for £75.00 — this watch makes a perfect transition from gym to everyday wear. Our metal strap smartwatch is currently on display for £85.00, for a more modern watch in both looks and wearability, with a magnetic fastening to ensure the mesh strap fits all. Radley Smartwatches works on Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone, with instructions and a simple step-by-step guide to ensure it is all set up correctly, all you need to do is charge the device! This watch counts steps, receives call and message notifications, records exercise, heart rate and more. A perfect watch if you’re looking for something stylish and practical.

Just as the smart watches, our smart trackers are perfect for anyone that likes to track steps or heart rate. At the very affordable price of just £35.00, these series one Radley fitness trackers help you track steps and exercise whilst looking stylish at the same time. Our smart watches are available with plain, rubber straps in gorgeous pastel, black and floral styles with a bright and clear digital display — great if you struggle to read analog watches as the display becomes brighter with just a tilt of your wrist. With a years guarantee, these watches come with a charger, as well as clear instructions as to how to get the most from your smartwatch.

We have a wide variety of watches with leather straps, metal straps and in our smartwatch range — we have chosen a few of our favourites above, but why not pop in for a browse and see which is the watch for you? If there is a Radley watch you have seen elsewhere that we don’t seem to have, fear not! We can order it for you, no problem. As Christmas approaches, we hope to stock more of the range so keep your eyes peeled for updates, or even on our window for more watches coming into stock.

The Radley ladies range is an affordable yet still modern and stylish watch. With a range of different colours and styles, there truly is something for everyone. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for a competition coming soon, where you could win your very own Radley watch.

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