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Pre-owned Treasures

As an independent jewellers that specialises in second hand jewellery, we get to see a variety of stunning and often unusual jewellery. Buying and restoring pieces that are no longer worn can often result in us seeing pieces that we have never come across previously. A lot of our second hand pieces tend to be older, meaning we get to see the older methods of jewellery making reflected in the items, especially in pieces such as brooches and pendants. More unusual stones are found in second hand pieces — from coral to tourmaline, if you’re looking for something you may not find in your multiple jewellers, second hand is the place to look.

This second hand 18ct necklet is one of our only coral pieces. Coral is a bright red, pink

coloured stone sourced from the marine invertebrates. Coral has become less used in jewellery as it is seen as unethical — it is needed to maintain marine ecosystems but is currently depleting. Older pieces of jewellery use coral in the form of beads and for intricate carvings, but due to the rarity of coral and the need for conservation, new coral pieces are rarely found. Our coral necklet is made up of two rows of graduated beads, strung with knots between each. With an 18ct yellow gold catch to be worn to the side, with a central cabochon coral in a fancy rope and bead surround. As well as being a unique piece with gorgeous detailing, this necklet is an example of why second hand jewellery is more sustainable, buying jewellery that has already been made and therefore not contributing to the production or farming of coral.

Jade is another gem stone you will find in a few of our second hand pieces, whether it is a vibrant green stone or a paler, pastel green — both make for something a little different. Jade is a mineral often found with a green colouring, however can occur white and yellow. Jade is hard-wearing but can also be worked into shapes, which makes it ideal when making jewellery. Jade is also used to make small sculptures, ornaments and religious art. The ring shown below is a deep green, oval jade set in 18ct yellow gold with two claw set diamonds to each shoulder. The girdles underneath the jade have scroll details — perfectly showing off the workmanship behind this piece.

A second hand piece that perfectly displays intricate design is our enamelled tiger ring. Enamelling is used to add colour to metal. It is a glass paste which is then fused to the metal to create coloured detailing. Our tiger ring is a true showstopper. Green enamelled eyes stand out on an 18ct yellow gold canvas, with a red enamel tongue and black all-over stripes. The metal is textured therefore giving the effect of the tigers ‘fur’ and the shank is plain and polished — meaning it could be sized. If you’re after something that is unique, that no one you know has, this tiger would be the most fabulous piece.

As our second hand pieces tend to come from unwanted jewellery sold to us, sometimes this means bespoke pieces. Another of our more unique pieces is this tourmaline, alexandrite and diamond set ring, with an abstract, nest-like head and shank in 18ct yellow gold. Tourmaline is a complex gem, which displays a wide range of colours. Pink tourmaline tends to be most popular and is also known as rubellite. Alexandrite is a remarkable colour-changing stone, green in sunlight and red in incandescent light. This ring displays both gems separated by three collet set diamonds in an abstract, one-of-a-kind setting. Stunning, and some of the most rare gemstones we have in our second hand pieces — this ring is a definite talking point.

The above piece is another example of a tourmaline set ring. This ring is particularly special as it is a Paraiba tourmaline. This gemstone is rare, Brazilian and comes in a range of different hues including blues and greens. Set in 18ct, the bluey, green hues are brought out by the yellow metal. With fancy shoulders and girdles, this ring is an example of a rare gem with intricate detailing. This piece would be perfect for a blue topaz or aquamarine fan that is looking for something different. This is the only Paraiba tourmaline we have ever found in second hand — if rarity is what you're looking for, this ring is certainly for you.

Whilst second hand, pre-owned pieces of jewellery are not suited to everyone, we would certainly recommend casting an eye over any second hand pieces as you never know what you might find — something unusual like our enamel tiger or a rare gemstone like the above tourmaline, something that is not mass produced. Pre-owned, second hand is certainly something to consider.

Our second hand pieces are updated on our website regularly. We are also able to source pieces if you have something specific in mind that is not on show in our window or online. Pop into our shop or send us an email, we'd be more than happy to help you find the perfect piece.

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