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October's Mystical Birthstone

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

We’re heading into the final part of the year now, the days are getting shorter and growing ever colder — we are all in need of something to give us a little bit of warmth as the nights draw in. This months birthstone is the ever changing opal, with bright flashes of fire throughout the stone, this makes the stone a stunning (and apt) addition to an autumn birthday. Opals are a stone known for their colour shifting. Ranging in colour depending on the light, opals can be found to be more of a lighter colour ranging to darker blues/greens with a fire coming through to the surface from deep inside the stone, even said to resemble fireworks.

Opals are found in several different parts of the world, all specialising in different colours of this versatile stone. New South Wales in Australia is famed for both black opals at Lightning Ridge, and white opals at White Cliffs. Other opals can be found in Mexico and Ethiopia to mention a few.

October, the month of halloween and all things spooky is the perfect month for this mystical gem. Opals are even sometimes said to bring bad luck to the wearer unless the person wearing it was born in October. The mystery surrounding opals as a stone dates back centuries from magicians gaining their powers from black opals to superstitions around wearing opal pieces when it is not your birthstone. Another interesting fact, if opal is not your birthstone but you are partial to the gem, if you were born in the 6pm hour, you are free from all superstition! Although there is a great deal of mystery surrounding the stone, we believe you make your own luck and have a some stunning opal pieces that would make the most thoughtful gifts for October birthdays coming up or for an avid opal fan, regardless of the historical myths surrounding it.

A staple birthday gift, a pair of stud earrings. Above are two pairs of opal earrings we have available in our range of new jewellery. The first, a lighter opal with flashes from within the stone set in a 9ct yellow gold rope edge surround on rod and butterfly fittings, a special opal gift with a lot of show at £375.00. The second, a prime example of this transparent and colour changing stone. These earrings are set with a more blue and transparent looking stone, with bright flashes of colour, in a 9ct yellow gold collet setting, also on rod and butterfly fittings at £215.00

The ring above is a stunning display of opals. The colour of the stones in this ring are a classic blue and purple colour, flashing as the piece is moved. Made up of 9 stones with a centre marquise shaped stone and a surround of round opals. Claw set on a 9ct yellow gold shank. This is one of our second hand rings and would make a gorgeous and affordable gift at £145.00. Even if this ring is slightly too big, it can always be sized - so no need to worry if you don't know the exact size. Although we don't recommend opals to be worn as an everyday piece, this makes a statement as a dress ring and would look stunning for a special occasion.

This is a simply gorgeous example of an opal ring. A collet set central opal, with visible orange flashes across the stone, with a surround of 12 claw set diamonds. At G/H colour, the diamonds in this ring are classed as white, adding that extra sparkle to the piece. Set in white gold, the metal compliments the stones, adding to diamond colour and ensuring it gives off the most eye catching effect. This ring would make a beautiful gift for a special October (or any!) birthday - we're positive an opal lover would be just as stunned by this. More information can be found on this ring via the link:

Above is an example of two opal rings in classic settings. The first ring on the finger is a boat shape setting, with 5 graduated opal stones with the largest to the centre and smaller heading outwards. The stones are all claw set, with fancy scroll style settings to each side of the ring and decorative shoulders. The opals are a paler blue in colour but still give off a fair amount of fire. This ring would be a lovely idea for a birthday gift at £145.00, a real treasure of a piece for an affordable price.

The second is an dainty piece and like the above is set in a classic style with 5 smaller opal stones, all claw set. This ring has a fancy cut edge that doubles as claws, in cut out V shapes. This ring also has decorative shoulders and is set on a plain shank. The stones in this ring are more of a cabochon style, smooth and domed in their settings. This piece, like the ring above is a pretty and affordable piece at £89.95, a fab addition to any October birthday celebration!

Opals are very apt being October's birthstone, mystical in both history and physically in the stone itself — the mysterious nature of the opal is well suited to the spooky goings on of the month of October. The warming flashes giving us all a bit of a cosy feeling needed for the short autumn days. Opals are available from us in both gold and silver, with or without diamonds, in earrings, necklaces and rings in affordable prices. We're always happy to help if theres something you'd like but cannot see above!




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