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Naturally Yellow: A quick guide to a rare gemstone

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

One of the worlds most rare and valuable gemstones, the yellow diamond can often be misunderstood. Whilst some diamonds that are referred to as yellow are often shunned as a bad quality, a vibrant yellow is one of the most valuable. Classified as yellow in colour when face up, yellow diamonds are created when nitrogen is present in the diamond and can range in colour from a light, lemon yellow to a darker, canary yellow sometimes with hints of another colour such as orange or green.

On the most common scale used to measure a diamonds colour, the further down the scale you go, the more tinted and yellow coloured the stone becomes with D being the most white, all the way to Z which is the most tinted in colour. However, beyond this scale, diamonds become a more vibrant yellow/orange in colour. The most sought after yellow diamond is referred to as a Canary diamond which true to its name is a bright, vivid yellow colour.

Natural yellow diamonds are described as ‘fancy coloured’ and are often said to be ‘greenish yellow’ or even sometimes ‘brownish yellow’. As tinted diamonds are classified further down the scale, changing from a slight tint of yellow in a white diamond to a brighter and more noticeable colour in a fancy diamond, the price increases and a good quality yellow diamond can be compared to a good quality bright white diamond with regards to price.

Above is an example of a second hand yellow diamond three stone ring we have in our window. Set in all white gold, this ring has a central cushion shaped yellow diamond, described as fancy brownish, greenish yellow — natural in colour, this stone is estimated to be 1.29ct and is accentuated by two round brilliant cut end stones. Diamond weight estimated to be 0.33ct, all four claw set. This ring is a more delicate and modest example of a yellow diamond. Whilst this ring still has the classic fancy colouring of a yellow diamond, the setting and size of the stone make for a dainty looking ring but still keeping the intrigue surrounding the diamond, for a more subtle and modern piece. This piece is available to view via this link:

Another stunning second hand piece we have boasting this vibrant gemstone, a showstopper of a piece. Set in 18ct white and yellow gold settings, this radiant cut diamond is set to the centre with two stunning round brilliant cut diamonds to each side. The yellow diamond is set in a yellow gold surround to enhance the colour, with the end stones in white gold to ensure a bright white looking diamond. With the yellow diamond estimated to be an impressive 2.50ct, and considered a pale, fancy colour, the accompanying brilliant cuts are a stunning G/H colour and are believed to weight 1.00ct. This piece would certainly turn heads and make a fantastic statement. This piece is available to view via:

A famous yellow diamond is a stone purchased by Tiffany and Co. in 1887. This specific diamond was found in South Africa and weighed a stunning 287 carats in weight! It was then specially cut with 90 facets to enhance the stone and allowing for the most light pass through it and therefore enhancing the stones colour. This diamond was set into a necklet and was renowned for being a piece worn by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany’s and can still be viewed in their New York store today.

A yellow diamond is a rare find and many are impressive in both colour, size and style. Much like the diamonds in the above photos, they are the perfect choice if a unique piece is what you're looking for. You can guarantee your yellow diamond will be a definite talking point with its eye catching colour and its cut dazzling in the light. A stone worth investing in if a distinctive piece is what you are looking for.

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