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Christmas Jewellery Trends for 2021

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

IT’S CHRISTMAS!...Well, almost. Whether you’ve already hung your decorations or you simply can’t even think about Christmas until a few days before, there is no denying that the big day is just around the corner! Jewellery is always such a special gift to give, filled with sentimentality and thoughtfulness. We’ve put together a guide to what we think will be on everyone’s Christmas list this year. We’re here to help you find the perfect gift to go under your tree!

Something we’ve noticed this year is a considerable rise in demand for gold chain jewellery. Plain, gold chain links in different lengths is something we are finding is becoming more popular among all ages. A chunky, gold chain is perfect for a loved one that enjoys a simple piece of jewellery. You can’t go wrong with something that can be worn for every occasion and can be paired with any outfit.

This 9ct yellow gold chain has open, rectangular belcher links, separated with smaller links — with a lobster catch. This chain is 17.5” in length, making it slightly longer than a choker length, but will still be worn higher up the neck. The plain, polished yellow gold links ensure that the wearer will be able to pair the piece with casual, everyday or evening wear.

Another popular piece this year is the Tree of Life. Pieces of jewellery that have meaning, like the Tree Of Life, are making giving jewellery as a gift even more special. The tree symbolises strength and growth, wisdom and new experiences, as well as a connection between heaven and earth. Whether or not the wearer is aware of the spiritual meaning behind the tree itself, we have pendants and earrings, beautifully made and set with CZs, coloured stones, or simply just plain silver.

This new piece in 9ct yellow gold is one of the most delicate tree of life pendants we have, and would be perfect for anyone that loves smaller, subtle pieces. A small, yellow gold tree of life pendant, plain and polished and set in a round frame with a plain bale. On an 18” curb chain. This pendant would be a wonderful gift for everyday wear — a perfect for a piece with such sentimentality.

This silver Tree of Life necklet is for someone that loves a bit of sparkle! With a polished silver tree to the centre and CZs set to each branch. The chain on this pendant is interchangeable so can be threaded onto any length necessary. This piece is subtle enough be worn every day but also would bring a little bit of sparkle to an evening out.

Pearls quite literally never go out of style. These timeless stones are worn by all ages, in strings, pendants and earrings. Pearl details are on trend this autumn/winter, but it doesn’t all have to be strings. We have pearls set on gold and silver, on studs, drops, pendants with and without diamonds as well as rings. A pearl piece is something that we are sure would go down a treat this christmas.

These simple freshwater pearls are set on yellow gold hook fittings. They are a flat shape with a gorgeous white lustre. These drops would look wonderful at any time of day, transitioning from day to night seamlessly. They are simple, but also give the wearer a lot of show with the size and shape of the pearl.

This stunning white gold and pearl ring would look fantastic under the tree on Christmas Day. A simple but stunning design — with one single cultured pearl to the centre, set into a chunky white gold band. The quality of the pearl is reflected in the perfectly rounded shape and the shiny lustre to the surface. Whilst we wouldn’t recommend wearing this piece everyday, it would be a fabulous addition for special events and occasions, and like we said, they are literally timeless!

And finally, the last on our must-have christmas list for 2021 is interlinking jewellery. Along similar lines to the chain jewellery, we have found interlinking circles and rings have become a design we have seen increasing over this year. We have designs set with diamonds in white and yellow gold or plain, polished designs in gold.

This 9ct white gold pendant would truly make your loved ones christmas. Two interlocking circles set with diamonds in white gold, with an integral white gold chain. This would sit above the neck line, and also ties in with the delicate nature of some of the other chains mentioned above. This necklet gives off a lot of sparkle, perfect for the festive season and for anyone that loves dazzling under the festive fairy lights.

Set in silver, these Chanel-style studs are one of our bestsellers all year around. Silver, gold and rose gold vermeil all set with CZs in the famous Chanel-style design, with matching pendants make a fabulous set for Christmas. Our earrings come in different sizes, something to suit everyone and every occasion.

We think the pieces and styles above are all winners for Christmas 2021 and deserve to be wrapped up for someone special this year. If there is something specific you have in mind, don’t forget we are always here to try and find you the perfect piece! Whether second hand or new, we’ll do our best to find you exactly what you need — we’ll even wrap it for you.

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