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Autumnal Colour Palette

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

As we approach mid-October, the nights draw in and the weather begins to change, we also start to think about our autumn/winter wardrobe. Our summer clothes go back under the bed and the big coats make their way back. We change from bright colours and floral patterns to knitwear in earthy tones. We've put together a few of our favourite pieces of jewellery in autumnal, warm colours that we think really suit this time of year. We've chosen mystical Opal — October's birth stone, as well as warming and earthy tones in stones such as garnet, citrine and peridot.

Opal is the birthstone for October. Opals are a diverse gemstone, depending on how they are formed. The word 'opal' derives from the Greek word “Opallios,” meaning “to see a change of colour.” Opals come in many different colours and combinations. Some opals have a 'milky' colour, others can have a variety of different hues. This colour changing attribute in the stone is referred to as 'play-of-colour'. Opals are famously mined in Australia, as well as Mexico and Brazil. The gem stones are identified on the Mohs scale as 5-6.5, this means the stones are soft and can be easily damaged.

A second hand oval opal and diamond cluster ring. All claw set in white gold with a central cabochon opal with a halo surround of smaller diamonds. Plain yellow gold shoulders and shank. Purple/blue/white hues. £850.00

Opals are believed to embody the virtues and powers of all coloured stones. They are often believed to bring bad luck to the wearer. This is because of a novel written by Sir Walter Scott, 'Anne of Geuerstein' — which resulted in opal sales dropping at the time by around 50% (!), with absolutely no logical reason.

A 9ct yellow gold opal pendant. Single, oval opal claw set in yellow gold with split bale on y/gold chain. White/red/green-blue hues £415.00

Another gorgeous, deep coloured gemstone is Garnet. The word 'Garnet' comes from the latin meaning for 'seed-like' because of the likeness to a pomegranate seed. This gemstone is one of the oldest stones used for spiritual protection throughout history. Garnets are most popularly known for their deep red colour, as well as green and brown colours — all perfect for the season. Garnets are sometimes mistaken for rubies. Rubies are a darker, more intense colour of red, and the stone itself is stronger. Rubies have red and blue hues and are also more expensive than the affordable garnet gemstone.

A 9ct yellow gold garnet pendant. Single, oval stone with 4 claws set in yellow gold. Plain bale, on an 18” y/gold curb chain. £195.00

The warming tones of a citrine would make a fabulous addition to a winter wardrobe. Citrine is a variety of Quartz and is available in shades of yellow, orange, brown — all varying in shades. This gemstone is 7 on the Mohs scale, making it stronger than an opal or garnet. The earthy tones of citrine have resulted in the stone becoming more popular. Citrine is available in large quantities and is another affordable, yet still stunning stone. It is said to bring the wearer abundance, joy and creativity.

A 9ct yellow gold citrine pendant. A central, oval citrine with a yellow gold frame on a box/belcher chain. £230.00, deep orange in colour

Last but not least in our autumnal colour palette is Peridot. Known as the 'Evening Emerald' because of the soft green colour the gem gives off. Peridot’s colour can be described as yellow-green, green with golden undertones, olive or bottle green, but can vary from stone to stone. The gemstone is found in China and Arizona and is said to protect the wearer from the Evil Eye as well as ridding the wearer of bad dreams. Peridots can be set in white and yellow metal. Yellow gold brings out a more golden tone in the stone, giving off a warmer feel than a peridot set in white gold — white metal could be said to look more modern and is often used if diamonds are being set into a piece with peridot, to make the diamonds look a whiter colour.

A 9ct white gold ring. Cushion shaped peridot with a surround of smaller diamonds on plain white gold shoulders and shank. £415.00. This peridot is light lime green in colour.

We have a wide range of Peridot pieces that can be viewed on our website or in our window, all ranging in different hues and depths of colour.

All of our autumnal pieces featured above can be viewed on our website or pop into our shop for a closer look, we'd be more than happy to help you pick something for the upcoming autumn/winter season. If you have something in mind that you can't see on our website or featured above, please feel free to get in touch and we will always try our best to find the perfect piece for you.

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